C krishniah chetty & sons - #mywaymystyle

Redefining Heritage Brand for a New Age audience


C KRISHNIAH CHETTY & SONS is a 150 year old heritage jewellery brand. Already popular with the older generation, CKC wanted a campaign that would build Brand Esteem among the Millennial Generation.

We created an Instagram-led Digital Campaign using 6 real, inspirational women styled in their own aesthetic.

We worked with 6 incredible women who rule social media and pop culture in Bangalore and styled them to their own aesthetic. 

#MyWayMyStyle features role models from all industries like fitness, creative arts, fashion, and radio, celebrating their personalities through Instagram stories.

By working with @ckcjewellers we were able to break the mound of what traditional jewellery ads looked like.

These are the women of today. Powerful, fierce and unapologetically themselves.

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