Brand Guidelines in manuals: Are they TOO constricting for your company?

Brand guidelines and manuals often intersect individual creativity and brand consistency. These documents might appear as constraints to the uninitiated, but they are navigational beacons guiding brands toward achieving a consistent and recognisable identity. Let’s dive deeper into the significance

Branding a Startup: Is NOW the right time?

Branding a startup, is now the right time? is a pivotal question that resonates across boardrooms, highlighting the critical role of branding in the early stages of a business. Embarking on a new business journey brings many challenges and decisions,

Brand Strategy: The Core of Visual Identity Design

Visual identity design is crucial for businesses aiming to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. Indeed, this approach is more than just a part of brand strategy. It goes beyond simple logo creation. Instead, it encompasses the entire visual aspect

Brand Manual and it’s importance: Your brand NEEDS this!

Brand manuals are crucial in today’s competitive business landscape. From small startups aiming to carve out their niche to established MNCs seeking to maintain market dominance, every entity relies on this foundational document for shaping a distinct identity and executing

Brand Discovery session and why your company NEEDS it.

What is Brand Discovery? Brand Discovery is a journey that every business must embark on to fully understand what stands at the very heart of their brand. This process goes far beyond the aspects of logos and taglines; instead, it

Branding a Company 101: How to build a BOLD brand?

Branding a company goes beyond just visuals. Indeed, it’s a journey that connects a business with its audience. It’s not only about being noticed; it’s about connecting with those you aim to serve. Moreover, branding tells a story that people

Rebranding A Company: What Does a Branding Agency Do?

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, it’s essential to keep your brand fresh and current to stay competitive. Initially, this involves updating your brand identity, encompassing both visual elements and core messaging, to reflect contemporary values and market positioning. Then,

How to build a bold brand? Watch our Branding Process

How to design a brand? There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to branding. Each business is unique and requires a slightly different approach every time. While the skeleton of the branding process largely remains the

The Case Against “Style”

The point of our whole job is to creatively express the values of a brand. Your commitment to a personal style is harming the work you do.

What is branding?

Building a brand isn’t about creating a personality for your company. Building a brand is about finding the personality that’s already hiding in there.

The definitive guide to building a brand

“So what sets my Brand apart?”
The strategy stage sets the tone of your communication, and provides a rallying point for the team in terms of brand values and business direction.