How to build a bold brand? Watch our Branding Process

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Watch our Branding Design Process

How to design a brand? There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to branding. Each business is unique and requires a slightly different approach every time. While the skeleton of the branding process largely remains the same, it is in the meat that all the magic happens.

Identifying, discovering, researching, strategizing, all the way to actually designing the identity, there’s a lot that goes into crafting each brand. Check out this short video that will give you a glimpse of how we like to go about the branding process!

The Bold Creative ( is the collaboration of Vanshaj Kapur & Pragnya Venkatesh. A Creative & Branding Agency in Singapore & Bangalore. We specialize in Brand Strategy, Visual Branding, Direction, and Film Production.

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About The Bold Creative

The Bold Creative is a visionary branding agency thriving across Bangalore and Singapore. Founded by Vanshaj Kapur and Pragnya Venkatesh, we specialize in branding, UI/UX, films, advertising, and more, embracing a remote-working model to transcend boundaries. Our portfolio is a testament to our passion for tackling complex branding challenges with a bold and innovative approach.

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