Here's a list of what we do really well

Visual Branding

They say you can tell a lot about a person by looking their shoes. It’s the same with brands. Everyone understand what a coca-cola or a vogue stands for, but what does your brand communicate? We help you relay your brand’s message and personality through its logo, colours, shapes, and typography. Visual branding, done right, will appeal to your target audience, builds trust, and make your brand memorable.

Film Production & Design

Why say it in one image when a film has over 24 in a second? Our creative agency also doubles as a production house, serving you high quality videos and animation for any format.

Website / App / UX Design

Make you websites and apps more effective with UI/UX design. We’ve designed presence websites, e-commerce platforms, and social networking apps making them easy to navigate, functional and super aesthetic.

Advertising Campaigns

Create campaigns that win hearts. All you need is a brief. Whether it’s billboard, digital, TV, radio, or social media, we help you ideate and produce campaigns across demographics. And don’t worry, we’re not just about bold concepts and funky aesthetics, we make sure the campaigns work for your brand and stay in-line with it’s brand strategy.

Brand Consulting

Think with us as guardians of your brand that works with internal and external teams. Bring us in when you’re executing campaigns, big events, implementing a new brand strategy or expanding the company. We’ll help your brand navigate through change and make sure its personality and strategy is being implemented and the quality of the work is being maintained.

Art Direction

Need someone to help style your shoot and execute it? No problem. Whether it’s food, fashion, a service, or a tech product, we art direct both video and photography campaigns.

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