Our Journey as a Creative Agency

The Bold Creative is an agency turned Creative-duo teamed by Vanshaj Kapur and Pragnya Venkatesh. The duo work on experimental and edgy project based creating advertising campaigns, visual branding & packaging,  and brand strategy, film design and production, web design and tonnes more in the graphic design space including everything print and screen. Personalisation and commitment are key when working with a client.

Think of two circles: design and communication. We’re the part where those two meet. 

Meet The Team

Vanshaj Kapur


With over 10+ years of experience creating brand communications for companies, Vanshaj consults and works directly with founders to think through creative strategies and execution. Having worked across industries and creative platforms, Vanshaj Kapur is an expert in Brand Strategy, Film Direction and Design, Communication Strategy & Live broadcasting. His approach as a founder of the agency has always been to break the agency and client gap, and incubate himself into every client’s team so he can collaborate with them as one of their own. Apart from being the Creative Director, he also works and consults on UI/UX design for apps to meet business objectives.

Pragnya Venkatesh


Art Direction and Branding Design is what comes naturally to Pragnya. A master of graphic design and copywriting, she’s given birth to multiple personalities and identities for brands.

Her firm belief is that the core of any brand lies in how human it can be, and by that be able to actually relate to their customers. She consults brands on designing for the digital age, and is an acute researcher which is what puts her above the edge when it comes to breaking the mould  with each new client. 

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