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Brand Strategy

Understanding Business Goals and the Target Market

A branding discovery or strategy session is a brainstorming session, where everyone the stakeholders of the brand, gather to focus and consolidate the brand's values, business aspirations and vision for the future. The strategy stage sets the tone of your communication, and provides a rallying point for the team in terms of brand values and business direction.

Building your Brand Personality

Great brands come with great personalities. That's because brand personalities are what makes them more relatable to their audience and help build brand affinity. In this stage we identify key characteristics and insights from our discovery session and define the way the brand should speak, it's beliefs and characteristics.

Creating Moodboards

Moodboards are a collection of images, typography, design elements and colours combined together to provide an overall visual aesthetic of a brand. But it does so much more than that. Moodboards let us understand how we want to communicate our brand's messaging and personality and the different approaches the brand can take. It aligns the stakeholders on a visual style that serves as starting point for the next stage.

Crafting the Logo and Visual Language

If logos are the face of your brand, the visual language is like your clothes, and we always make sure our brands are well dressed. In this stage we finalise the typography, colour, logo design and other branding elements.

Collateral Design

When the logo is ready, the colour palette is chosen, and other visual elements are prepared, it’s time to unite them into a harmonic set of brand collaterals. What do these collaterals consist of? Stationary, promotional items, t-shirts, folders, etc, depending on the scope of work.

Brand Guidelines

Last but not the least, we design a detailed brand guideline that we hand over to the stakeholders and internal design team, in order to help understand the do's and don'ts of the brand. Think of this brand as a bible which summarises your brand strategy, personality, vision, logo creation, typography palette, colour palette and much more.

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