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A Remote Branding Agency with roots in Bangalore and Singapore

As a Branding Agency Bangalore we provide solutions to your most complex problems. What are the things we’re good at? Branding, UI/UX design, films, advertising, photography, live stream video production, visual brand strategy, and communication design, to name a few.

We specialise in brand strategy, design and production


We understand that you’re looking for partners, not vendors. That’s why we focus our energies on working with one brand at a time. By treating every piece of work as a new challenge, we break it down to produce something that is innovative, strategically sound, and fun.

What matters is creating a brand that is effective. In order to do this we focus an equal amount of time to Brand Strategy as we do to Identity Design. Anyone can make a pretty looking logo. That’s like meeting a well dressed person, but what about their personality?

Create campaigns that win hearts. All you need is a brief. Whether it’s billboard, digital, TV, radio, or social media, we help you ideate and produce campaigns across demographics.

Every brand needs a strong foundation. In this hands-on experience, we help you understand your ideal consumer, identify future goals and discover opportunities. 

Why say it in one image when a film has over 24 in a second? Our creative agency also doubles as a production house, serving you high quality videos and animation for any format.

We work from everywhere & anywhere

We work across industries, demographic & countries.

No matter where you’re based or what you sell, the fundamentals of design and business doesn’t change. We’re great at taking your expertise and creating effective solutions all over the world.



After working with Vanshaj, I can't trust anyone else to take on Wishberry's Branding activities. This Branding Agency Bangalore think more about your brand than you do.
Anshulika Dubey
Co-Founder & COO at Wishberry + Forbes Asia 30 Under 30
Pragnya and Vanshaj really know their stuff. Their output is clearly visible and their return on investment is valid.
Supreet Singh
Founder & CTO at DUX Media
Vanshaj has given me positive feedback, advice and been a part of our journey even after our formal engagement was over. I think that goes to show what amazing branding agency The Bold creative (Vanshaj and Pragnya) are.
Khrisha Shah
Co-Founder & CEO at Dysco
These two are the most dedicated people I have come across. Their ideas are extraordinary and they sport it with great execution.
Saakshi Jain
Co-Founder at Zelish + Techstars Berlin '20
What we have gotten out of this branding agency experience is understanding how we can tie together our values, our strengths, our positioning in the market, what our customers really want, to create a clear vision of how we should move forward
Rhea Karuturi
Co-Founder at Rose Bazaar + Techstart Blr '20
They are our go to guys for anything branding related because they understand consumers and people at a very deep level.
Yohan Sudheer
Co-Founder at fishHook

Work only with the partners & creative directors


We help build brands that we believe in. When you work with us, it’s like hiring two creative directors to your team roster. Having run a branding agency for over 10 years, we understand what businesses need; focused, personal and dedicated professionals.


 An expert in Brand Strategy, Film Direction and Design, Communication Strategy & Live broadcasting,  his approach as a founder of the agency has always been to break the agency and client gap, and incubate himself into every client’s team.


Art Direction and Branding Design is what comes naturally to Pragnya. A master of graphic design and copywriting, she’s given birth to multiple personalities and identities for brands. Her firm belief is that the core of any brand lies in how human it can be.

For Founders / CEOs

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