Branding a new age Cryptocurrency exchange and club


Defy Brand advertisement posters
Defy badges
Defy t shirts
Defy is a Cryptocurrency exchange founded by the team behind Walrus Club. The brand aimed to revolutionise the Indian Crypto market by creating a platform with a strong social angle and enhanced user experience. We had the opportunity to work with Defy to define their brand strategy and create a visual identity that appealed to the youth of the nation.
Defy logo construction
Defy branding on bag
Defy advertisement billboard
Defy illustration construction
We developed a unique illustration style for Defy that incorporated texture to create a multidimensional feel. By incorporating a secondary colour palette with its own tints and shades, we are able to create illustrations that are vibrant and contrast well with the Green.
Defy Illustration
Defy colour palette
Defy NFT

Creating unique NFTs for the team

For each of the team members of Defy, we designed NFTs that were based on their personality.
Defy laptop stickers
Exploring the implementation of the Brand Identity Design onto User Interface
Defy Branding app screens
Defy Branding landing page
Typography rules

Creating a Tone of voice that is Witty, Relatable and Desi

Defy social media grid
Defy brand hoodies

Creative Director: Vanshaj Kapur & Pragnya Venkatesh
Visual Design: Pragnya Venkatesh, Ishita Poddar, Mehak Kapoor

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