The Breasties - Branding

Re-branding a Diverse Community of Those Affected by Breast and GYN Cancers


The Breasties are Not-For-Profit organisation that helps support, connect and empower those affected by breast and GYN cancers. What makes them unique is that they are inclusive and help you find your new ‘breast friend’.  We got to work with The Breasties to help strategise for their digital expansion and communicate their personality with a brand new identity system.



We are here to move mountains. WAHTMM.

This line is more than a slogan for The Breasties. It defines who they are. They believe that mountains are only placed in front of those who can move them. 

The Breasties visual brand identity resembles these moving mountains. Not as intimidating, tall and rigid structures but ones that flow and represent the highs and lows of a Breastie’s journey.

Bringing that ‘Breast Friend Energy’ with their Tone of Voice

Creating an Illustration Style that is characteristic yet easy to carry forward.

Creative Director: Vanshaj Kapur & Pragnya Venkatesh
Visual Design: Pragnya Venkatesh & Ishita Poddar