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Re-branding a Startup with a Fresh Idea, Rooted in Tradition


Hoovu is a brand that caters to a forgotten market of traditional flowers in India. Run by two sisters – Yashodha and Rhea –  their mission was to reduce flower waste while allowing their customers to facilitate their own spiritual journey. We collaborated with them to develop a brand strategy and visual identity that promoted the idea of their innovative brand.

We worked with Yeshodha and Rhea, the Co-Founders, to reposition, rename and rebrand. Formerly called Rose Bazaar, the brand was commonly misconstrued as a Bouquet Floral business.

‘Hoovu’ translates to ‘flower’ in Kannada. It’s a word that is rooted in tradition and invites people to learn more.

The target audience being mostly people over 50, the brand needed to feel familiar to them. Our inspiration came from graphic design and art associated with ‘pooja’ like agarbattis, matchboxes and Raja Ravi Varma paintings.

Hoovu has a unique Visual Language and Illustration Style that carries the brand forward. With their Badges, the brand identity design clearly communicates their key values of being powered by women, farm fresh and affordable.


Blending Tradition with Innovation: The Hoovu Fresh Approach

Hoovu Fresh, under the banner of Rosebazaar India, redefines the traditional flower market with its innovative approach, delivering farm-fresh pooja flowers directly to customers. This strategy embodies the essence of Bangalore’s rapid urbanization while preserving its rich floral heritage, a concept that resonates with The Bold Creative’s expertise in branding design and identity.

The Founders’ Journey: Rooted in Floriculture

The story of Yeshoda and Rhea Karuturi, founders of Hoovu Fresh, begins in the floriculture fields, evolving into a mission to revolutionize the puja flower market. Their unique blend of cultural significance and business acumen exemplifies the strategic branding approach synonymous with leading branding agencies in Bangalore, like The Bold Creative.

Sustainable Practices and Supply Chain Innovation

Hoovu Fresh stands out for its commitment to reducing waste and enhancing supply chain efficiencies. Innovations in packaging and direct farm partnerships have slashed delivery times, ensuring the freshness of flowers. This commitment aligns with The Bold Creative’s ethos of developing brands that are visually compelling, sustainable, and socially responsible.

Leveraging Technology for Brand Evolution

By integrating technology into traditional business models, Hoovu Fresh has redefined industry standards, demonstrating the potential for traditional markets to adapt and thrive in the digital age. This aspect of Hoovu Fresh’s strategy showcases The Bold Creative’s ability to blend tradition with modernity, crafting brands that are relevant and resonate with today’s consumers.

Recognition and Impact: Validating Success

The acclaim Hoovu Fresh has received, including features on Shark Tank India and significant funding milestones, underscores the brand’s impact and the effectiveness of its strategic positioning. These achievements highlight The Bold Creative’s potential to build impactful brands that not only succeed commercially but also make a meaningful difference in their communities.

Conclusion: A Model of Branding Excellence

Hoovu Fresh exemplifies the perfect balance between preserving cultural heritage and embracing innovation, serving as an ideal case study for The Bold Creative. This narrative not only enriches the agency’s portfolio but positions it as a leader in the creation of meaningful, sustainable, and innovative brands in Bangalore and beyond.

Through this detailed examination, The Bold Creative can illustrate its proficiency in developing brands that honor tradition while navigating the future, making it a go-to branding agency in Bangalore for businesses seeking to make a lasting impact.

Creative Director: Vanshaj Kapur & Pragnya Venkatesh
Visual Design: Pragnya Venkatesh

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