Mygate - Branding

Re-branding a Smart Solution for Apartment Complexes


MyGate is an advanced security and community management app that simplifies everyday apartment complex living. We teamed with them to build on their existing brand strategy and created a brand identity that conveyed a unified visual language.

Through the brand logo design, the goal was to develop a smart branding solution that reflected the adaptability of the app to seamlessly work with societies and apartments of any size and kind.
With the use of a warm colour gradient and complimentary shades such as greens and purples, the re-branding focused on a fun, approachable and witty brand language. The aim was to easily explain the brand personality and make it an easy-to-approach brand.
The illustrations in the brand identity involved the use of simply styled expressive characters such as security and delivery personnels that conveyed the desired notion of a township.

Creative Director: Vanshaj Kapur & Pragnya Venkatesh
Visual Design: Pragnya Venkatesh

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