Speckles - Branding

Building a Revolutionary Real Estate Brand


Speckles, a real estate brand, envisions building habitats to enhance their customer experience. They believe that building homes starts with telling the truth. With a promise for honesty and transparency, they aimed to build modern homes that were rooted in tradition. So, we partnered with them to develop their brand strategy and helped them build a brand that narrated the deep-rooted stories in its truest essence through their brand identity, website and brochures.

The Speckles Tag Line ‘Building Honesty’ clearly communicates our positioning. Similar to an infinity symbol, an incomplete circle represents change, action and open-mindedness.

Driven by inspiration from nature, the visual language of Speckles captures the textures and fractal patterns commonly found in our environment. Similarly, the brand logo used as a medium of storytelling, is designed to subtly reflect elements of nature.

With hand-drawn illustrations, Speckles follows a graphic style that reminds their users of books like ‘Malgudi Days’.
Patio by Speckles revives the tradition of Aangan from older Indian households. Therefore, it intended to build a community of families amidst lush green landscape. The objective was to design a brand that represented the ideology of the symbiotic living of humans and nature together in their conceptualised spaces.

Creative Director: Vanshaj Kapur & Pragnya Venkatesh
Visual Design: Pragnya Venkatesh

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