Commtel - ReBranding

Re-branding a Technology Company into a Global Powerhouse


Commtel came to us with the task of repositioning and rebranding. With over 2 decades of experience, they were transitioning to a technology-first company. Keeping in mind their solid values and a revitalised brand foundation, we crafted a new brand identity for them that essentially captured their brand values.

Engineering Intelligence; Making Connections

The core of our brand is our new tagline; Engineering Intelligence. These two words beautifully tie together what we do. 

Commtel builds the central nervous system of any project. The brand enables networks to connect and communicate with one another. It also learns from the data they collect and improves performance.

The Story Behind Commtel’s Re-branded Logo Mark

The logotype design was aimed to be an evolution of the previous visual identity.

We selected warm tones that complimented the original red of Commtel. 

Website design that represents a global vision and mission.
Creative Director: Vanshaj Kapur & Pragnya Venkatesh
Branding & Graphic Design: Pragnya Venkatesh, Mehak Kapoor
UI/UX Design: Vanshaj Kapur, Tharanath Rai
Animation & Film Production: Filmbaker

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