Ayurooms - branding design

Refreshing the Identity of a Luxury Travel Service


Ayurooms is a platform for discovering and accessing India’s best ayurvedic resorts for health and wellness. We partnered with them to redesign their brand identity by developing brand collaterals and enhancing their customer experience.

We helped Ayurooms uplift their identity and integrate the luxurious notion attached to their brand. Their existing logo was modified with an essence of fluidity and healing to empathize with their target audience.

The brand monogram represents the ‘3 doshas’ of Ayurveda combining to create a balanced being. With the soft pastel shades used in the monogram, a soothing and calming sentiment is attributed to. The curvature and softness in the brand typeface aligns with the brand values of Ayurooms.

Creative Director: Pragnya Venkatesh

Designer: Shreya Bannerjee

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