25 under 25 - Branding

Branding a Youth-Centric Event for Young Leaders


25 UNDER 25 is an Indian youth-centric event that brings together the 25 best creatives under the age of 25 in different creative fields. We collaborated with them to build a brand strategy and design an event identity that distinguished them from other college events because of  the vibrance and maturity.

To enhance the brand sophistication, a bright color palette was used. In addition, classy, black-and-white illustrations similar to NCERT textbooks were introduced. The intent was to present the concept of old-school and instill a sense of importance within the target audience.

Moreover, with the use of watercolor splashes across the brand, an organic aura was added. Consequently, the organic aura was also added to the brand identity, collaterals and the user interface. Further, the splashes also add the vibrancy to the event identity. They are intended to be a representation of the impression carved by the younger creative folks.

In conclusion, with over 100 finalists at the summit and world-renowned mentors, an aspirational yet relatable communication of the event’s branding was developed. Therefore, attracting the creme-de-la-creme of student achievers.


100 creatives under 25
+ 8 world renowned mentors

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