Film &

Film is powerful

They say every photograph speaks a thousand words, imagine a series of them running at 25 frames per hour. Our capability with film design goes beyond making a technically sound, and efficiently produced film. We see each film project as an opportunity to communicate a brand’s message or product or service on the world’s most influential medium. Films are the richest communication medium we’ve ever been bestowed with.

Craft Stories

A film that touches the heart, stays in the mind forever. We help you craft memorable stories with real world insights, and define characters who will bring those emotions to life. Every film begins with an idea, which transforms into a concept and that evolves into a script. Branding is more personality than straight talk, with our experience as a branding agency in Singapore we make sure we get the tone of voice and personality dot on. So, you can always make a lasting impression without the brand losing connect.


A world where we play god. Imagine having such control on your communication where you can not only create your own world, but also have it’s own rules. Defy physics and gravity, make creatures, beings, god. Wander in settings non existent or fantastical. Once you realise how powerful this medium is, it’s hard to ignore this for your brand. We works with studios across nations to deliver some great animation work.


Let’s get it all done. You want your film to start off at the tip of Kilimanjaro? Done. Let’s design and create a massive palace for our shoot. Done. Let’s make sure we have pad Thai for lunch on sets. Done. We work with multiple teams across the globe from director, producers, cinematographers, musicians, action directors and many many to make sure nothing is impossible when it comes to getting just exactly what we want.

Art Direction

We’re heavily skilled in this department. Turning an empty shell into anything from a wedding, to a mafia den, to Juliet’s balcony. We visualise and help design extravagant sets to enrich the films we work on. Cause the setting is truly what transports you to another world.

To anything that moves

Reach out to us if you’d like to make a film, animation or a moving images project. We’ll make anything move on screen.