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We do end to end
Design and Development

Presence Websites

Whether it’s a one pager website or more, we help you create custom designed websites to shoot up your online presence.

Ecommerce Websites

Get your online store up and running in no time with integrated payment gateway.

App Design & UI/UX

We help you create a seamless user experience which allows your business to reach and communicate your ideas with your customers.


UI/UX: Web &
App Design

Why do you need a website?

These are typical questions we’d ask you in the discovery phase of web and app design projects. We work with you to figure each every function and capability of the website or app. It’s critical to know why we want something, how the user will react to it, how can we lead the user to achieving our goals, and make sure that we create an app that is used by millions cause its so easy to understand. This cannot be achieved without detailed business and user study. We work deeply with your team to crack these questions and define a clear objective and roadmap.

Information Architecture

No building was built without a plan. No app shall be designed without one too. The beginning of every website or app design project always starts with fixing the foundation. Information architecture allows us to understand what is the path, action and input a user will take while on our website or app. It lays out all the features, tabs, screens that the entire website or app product has, and clarifies a clear navigation and flow of each user.


Everyone knows it's easier to modify an architect's blueprint than concrete walls. Similarly, a wireframe is a layout of a web page that demonstrates what elements will exist on key pages.

Designing the Look & Feel

It's important that your app looks like your branding. Otherwise, how would anyone know it belong's to your brand's? Our last step is to finally design the User Interface. What we mean by this, is applying our brand colours, brand typography, imagery and other styling elements to our low fidelity mockups.

Just leave it to the pros!

Once the project is approved, we hand it over to the development team so that they can do what they do best. Don't worry, that doesn't mean we ghost you. We're available every step of the way, to make sure the implementation is as good as our design.

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Write to us

Looking to design/redesign your website/app?

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