When Teach for India reached out to us, we were asked to come up with creatives that elicit the right people to join them. The Teach For India fellowship required candidates to devote two years of their lives to the program. The campaign came with a set tagline – “Are you ready for the challenge?”. A simple, yet powerful question that stands testament to the existing fellows and students. A direct question from existing fellows to those who plan to join the Teach For India movement through the fellowship program. It imbibed in us the same spirit of responsibility, coaxing us to bring forth a story with our designs.

Let us take you through how an idea scribbled on a notepad became a final creative shared on social media. The fellows shared their insights about their role and the impact it had on them. It took weeks for our brainstorming sessions to bear fruit. The final ideas are illustrated as follows.

The first, was the cut-out treatment, to show that the new fellows needed were to fill the void and fit the mold of existing fellows. Second, was the blend-in approach, to represent the seamless transition from when a teacher’s fellowship ended, until a new fellow joined. The third was a reflective approach indicative of how invested each fellow is during his/her tenure with their students. Next, the use of the shadow approach to express how fellows shine a light on their students and invoke through the shadow that it could be any one of them.

TBC TFI Blog-01


Essentially, our goal was to use a medium of representation that would be visually appealing and self-explanatory to our viewers. It was clear that the dedication and deep-rooted investment of the fellows needed to come through. We incorporated this with shadows, blank spaces, missing reflection, and the blend techniques. Our central idea, therefore, was to highlight the given tag line question through our imagery; to provoke a response to, who would take the reins of education in the future?


TBC TFI Blog-06

With Teach For India zeroing on one, work started right away. The sense of responsibility echoed in us and the selected approach took life. Having been given the tagline, the decision was to stick to a unilateral message across all creatives. To materialize our vision, we completed the photo shoot amidst classes and sessions.

TBC TFI Blog-05


  1. Sample shot of our space @vanshaj – Founder/Creative Director @TheBoldCreative
  2. Teach For India Fellow with his students in class.
  3. Post image editing, Blend-in technique. 
  4. The creative ready for launch.

As you can see, our images speak for themselves. The Bold Creative is proud of how an idea so simple translated into a successful campaign; creatives powerful enough to instigate people, to be the change they want to see; where existing fellows find their personality doppelganger to take over from where they left off. Basically, someone who cares.

This project is close to our hearts, not just because of the social angle but due to the stories from the fellows. The kids in their classes reciprocate not just the desire to do better but someday contribute back to Teach For India itself. They truly instilled in us a new-found hope for the future of our nation.